Listen to Music In Havana

Buena Vista Social Club

It’s best to take a peek at Havana’s historic music halls and clubs in order to best understand the evolution of Cuban music. El Gato Tuerto on Calle O, entre 17 y 19 is a club with a robust tradition. During the untamed nights of the 1950s it was one of the main haunts of the writers and singers. These days it’s a prominent venue for bolero music, and the repertoire usually features first-rate artists who play three sets with interludes until 4am. For a bit of real old-time spirit head to the Salón 1930 ‘Compay Segundo’ at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Calle P, esquina 21. A luxurious hall at the Hotel Nacional which was the place to see the original Buena Vista Social Club in Havana a few years back, and even though the big names of the Buena Vista Project have deceased, the remaining musicians of the group are masters in their instruments and play with real enthusiasm.