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Hotels Trinidad Cuba

Trinidad is a fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Site built on the proceeds of the 19th-century sugar and slave trade. At its peak, in 1827, one of the 56 sugar mills in the region harvested the biggest cane haul in the world, or better said, a million kilos of refined sugar. This huge wealth shaped the […]

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Book Cuba Hotels

Whether you are looking for that romantic Cuban hotel, a City break in Havana or getting off the beaten track in Trinidad, Cienfuegos or Guantanamo Cuba Travel Services has the hotel you want! Payments in USD, Euro, CAD and many more currencies.  We offer the largest selection of hotels in Cuba, as of 2014 we […]

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Havana Chocolate Museum

The Museo del Chocolate (Havana Chocolate Museum) is located on Calle Mercaderes, esquina Amarguraa. Here you can find some nice artifacts relating to the history of chocolate in Cuba. It’s a lovely place to stop for a break and get a quick drink, whether you opt for a warming cup of thick (we mean very) hot […]

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Tropicana Cabaret

Tropicana Cabaret is Havana’s answer to Vegas where song and dance shows are performed by G-stringed dancers to the intoxicating Cuban rhythms. Tropicana Cabaret has a huge popularity with foreign tourists. Dress appropriately for Tropicana Cabaret and the second cabaret in Havana called Copa Room at Hotel Riviera, Malecón, esquina Pasea, Verdado where you can […]

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American Car Tour Havana

What’s the first thing that enters your mind when you think of Cuba? Rum, Cigars? Or cruising around town in a 1950’s classic American car ? For some visitors it’s the only way to take in the sights. Ask your driver to cruise along the Havana Malecón, the boardwalk or ocean road lined with lovers, […]


Listen to Music In Havana

It’s best to take a peek at Havana’s historic music halls and clubs in order to best understand the evolution of Cuban music. El Gato Tuerto on Calle O, entre 17 y 19 is a club with a robust tradition. During the untamed nights of the 1950s it was one of the main haunts of […]


Cigar Factory Visit

Cuba produces the best tobacco in the world; and Cuban cigars bring millions of tourists to Havana each year. Of the major cultivating areas, Vuelta Abajo in the Pinar del Río Province and Vuelta Arriba in the Villa Clara Province are considered to have the best tobacco plants in Cuba. Havana, on the other hand, […]


The Hemingway Trail

Hemingway loved his booze and as such he made La Bodeguita del Medio on Calle Empedrado #207, entre San Ignacio y Cuba, and El Floridita on Calle Obispo #557, esquina Bélgica Monserrate now infamous venues which are flocked to by visiting tourists. Due to the prices these are particularly under-patronized by local Cubans, and have […]


Visit a Paladar

Though now a flourishing self employment sector, Cubans started welcoming paying diners into their homes to enjoy home-cooked food in the mid 1990s. There’s really no other way to enjoy a meal than by visiting a Paladar, government owned restaurants simply don’t come close to the ambience. Some paladars are shown at