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Havana Chocolate Museum

The Museo del Chocolate (Havana Chocolate Museum) is located on Calle Mercaderes, esquina Amarguraa. Here you can find some nice artifacts relating to the history of chocolate in Cuba. It’s a lovely place to stop for a break and get a quick drink, whether you opt for a warming cup of thick (we mean very) hot […]

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Cigar Factory Visit

Cuba produces the best tobacco in the world; and Cuban cigars bring millions of tourists to Havana each year. Of the major cultivating areas, Vuelta Abajo in the Pinar del Río Province and Vuelta Arriba in the Villa Clara Province are considered to have the best tobacco plants in Cuba. Havana, on the other hand, […]


Visit a Paladar

Though now a flourishing self employment sector, Cubans started welcoming paying diners into their homes to enjoy home-cooked food in the mid 1990s. There’s really no other way to enjoy a meal than by visiting a Paladar, government owned restaurants simply don’t come close to the ambience. Some paladars are shown at


Visit Havana’s Beach District

Havana’s beaches known as Playas del Este Havana are frequently overlooked by tourists, but offer more in the way of Cuban Culture than the resorts elsewhere in the country which feel devoid of life compared to Playas del Este. Just 20 minutes by car from Old Havana, the beaches are really a single, eight-kilometer (5.2 […]


Cuban Santaria & Religion

Santería is the most widely practiced religion in Cuba is, known also as the regla de Ochoa or Yoruba religion after the orishas or gods originating from western Nigeria. During the ceremonies in honor of the orishas, each one is invoked by using his or her distinctive drum rhythm and spiritual dance. The previously initiated […]


Havana Music & Salsa

Get some Authentic Cuban rumba in your veins! This raw music format in song and dance, driven by pulsating African rhythms, mixed with Hispanic influences. Rumba is sometimes an impromptu occurrence. Nevertheless, as a tourist, your best bet is to find the popular rumba spots around town, where the event is more formal but does […]