Tropicana Cabaret

tropicana cabaret havana

Tropicana Cabaret is Havana’s answer to Vegas where song and dance shows are performed by G-stringed dancers to the intoxicating Cuban rhythms. Tropicana Cabaret has a huge popularity with foreign tourists. Dress appropriately for Tropicana Cabaret and the second cabaret in Havana called Copa Room at Hotel Riviera, Malecón, esquina Pasea, Verdado where you can see some of Havana’s best musical groups perform at the weekends but the real hotspot has to be the Cabaret Tropicana Calle 72 #4504, Linea del Ferrocarril which is tucked away in the western neighborhood of Marianao, it’s the grandest of Havana’s cabarets with an outdoor theatre seating up to 900 with various seating positions available.