Taxis in Cuba

Turistaxi havana

As a tourist, the most convenient way of getting around Havana, Varadero and other cities is by taxi. Some of the taxis are old American cars from the 1950’s, others are modern taxis like Peugeots, Skodas and even Mercedes.

American Car Taxi Havana

Tourists can ride in taxi now and not just the official government taxis. Since the relaxation of self employment laws many Cubans now are taxis. However, it is often easier to wave down one of the old Chevys or American cars from the 50s. When riding in private taxi, negotiate the fare ahead of time. The fare in private taxis will be no cheaper than the official taxi fare but you’ll probably have more fun.

Taxi collectives are the old, beaten-up American cars with a taxi sign on the roof or in the front window. Tourists take them all the time and some have been beautifully restored and you will rarely run into problems and they are a fun and cheap alternative to the state-run taxis. They have set fares and run set routes, so you may need some assistance when taking them the first few times.

Fares vary from 10 CUP for a short (5 km) run during the day to 20 CUP for a longer run or at night. The drivers are generally honest regarding the fares and most cars now have taxi meters anyway, but it is best not to appear oblivious by asking how much at the end of the trip.

Coco Taxi Havana

Coco Taxis and yellow three wheel motor tricycles are a cheap way of getting around central Havana and seem to have got you around the back street quicker than cars.