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Trinidad is a fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Site built on the proceeds of the 19th-century sugar and slave trade. At its peak, in 1827, one of the 56 sugar mills in the region harvested the biggest cane haul in the world, or better said, a million kilos of refined sugar. This huge wealth shaped the town and no expense was spared in fashioning the finest Spanish colonial mansions in Trinidad, its squares, plazas and churches, which still stand as testament to the cities undeniable past wealth.

North of town, views of the Escambray Mountains are to die for. A flurry of new private restaurants ignite the town’s nightlife, which parties through to the early hours as Afro Cuban dancing, disco, salsa fight for the towns tourism audience. Trinidad Hotels range for the simplest 2 stars to the most sumptuous 5 star accommodations. The Cuba Travel Services price range is also from the mid $40 right up to the astronomic $400 per night and everything in-between.

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Life in Trinidad town is still very much intertwined with the routine of the countryside. Tourist’s can Mount well-groomed horses to explore valley life and pineapple tree-shaded trails in a to the El Pilón waterfall in the Valley of the Sugar Mills. Tourists love to dive in the deep cool cave pool beneath the cascading water. Book now with Cuba Travel Services and lock in the lowest rates!