See a Baseball Game

Cuba Baseball Tourism

Taking a visit to a Cuban ballpark during the Serie Nacional de Béisbol which is played late October to April will certainly give you an introductory glance at Cuba’s main national sporting obsession. The baseball play-offs are also popular and are usually played around April and May time and are a relaxing break into baseball’s past. Havana’s two major league teams in the Serie Nacional are the Metropolitanos and Industriales, the latter the most victorious team in the league’s history. The home stadium for both teams is the Estadio Latinoamericano, which is changed into a veritable heat during the local games. To get an idea how seriously Cubans take their baseball, and how crazy they can be about it, head for Parque Central on the edge of La Habana Vieja to experience the daily gathering of baseball aficionados arguing passionately over the game, plays and which players are best (or not)…